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Interreg Project BONE starts in Paris

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Congratulations to Paul for his VENI!

Veni is part of the Dutch science organization Talent Scheme. Veni is aimed at excellent researchers who have recently obtained their doctorate. Researchers in the Talent Scheme are free to submit their own subject for funding, which are encouraged to be curiosity-driven and innovative research.

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Interreg Project BONE starts in Paris
Published on: July 30, 2017
Category: Events

The official kick-off meeting of this international research project BONE, was held on Thursday July 6th in Paris, France at Medicen Paris Region. In addition, on Friday 7th of July, the first kick-off conference of BONE took place in conjunction with the Regenerative Medicine Europe matchmaking event organized by Medicen. This is an important event for BONE, as many of the stakeholders important to BONE are attending, spanning from academia, to industrial, regulatory body, and regional cluster actors.

Eight European companies and research institutes have teamed up in the innovative research project ‘’BONE: Bio-fabrication of Orthopaedics in a New Era’’. BONE is financed by the Interreg NWE programme, a cross-border partnership that is financially supported by the European Fund for Regional Development. This European transnational consortium led by Maastricht University (UM) will spend the next four years developing innovative bone implants. These implants will become an alternative for repeat surgeries, prolonged medication use and donor tissue implementation following complex bone fractures. In addition to UM, this international partnership consists of the universities of Leuven (Belgium) and Lille (France), Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Tecnology ILT in Aachen (Germany), Medicen Paris Region (Paris), The Electrospinning company (UK), Fianium Ltd (International) and Spraybase (Ireland).

Research has demonstrated that residents of Northwestern Europe are more likely to develop degenerative bone disorders in comparison to their EU counterparts. As a result, this region has the highest number of bone fractures and bone defects within Europe, which has evident social and economic consequences. At the basis of these smart bone implants lies an innovative technology, known as electrospinning which will be combined with other technologies. This technology enables researchers to create implants that have the potential to help the regeneration of healthy bone tissue

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