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FET FLAGSHIP Proposal on Personalized Health Care Initiative

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Bioprinting through Levitation

Magnetic levitation offers the possibility to place cells in a precise position in space through controlling the magnetic forces applied to magnetized cells. This new biofabrication technique, at the interface between bioprinting and bioassembly, provides new ways to create large-scale biological constructs that can be used for regenerative medicine purposes.

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SINERGIA: biofabrication for 3D in vitro models

We are excited to have been selected for funding in a Marie Curie project called SINERGIA, which aims at developing advanced models of human physiology and diseases, to be ultimately introduced in the preclinical stages of the drug discovery pipeline.

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Moroni Lab Broadcasted on Biofabrication

Biofabrication has witnessed several advances in this past months, spanning from new technologies, to promising steps forward in several tissue regeneration applications.

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Mimicking Tissue Organization at Multiple Scales with Biofabrication

Many tissues in our body display a variable degree of fiber curliness, which is crucial for their biomechanical behaviour. Methods to replicate such features in scaffolds for regenerative medicine are limited. Here, we show how by simply applying controlled buckling to electrospun fibers, we can fabricate scaffolds with different degrees of fiber waviness at multiple scales.

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Towards Kidney bioprinting

Certainly bioprinting of a full kidney remains a dream. It will be probably like that for many decades, unless a strong and well funded collaborative effort will be originated in the near future. However, current kidney bioprinting attempts are helping creating more know-how over kidney biology through the biofabrication of 3D in vitro models that can be used to study new treatments for kidney chronic conditions.

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FET FLAGSHIP Proposal on Personalized Health Care Initiative
Published on: February 6, 2018
Category: Group Activities

The proposal is coordinated by the University of Minho, and is supported by a Steering Committee of 15 members, including Maastricht University, representing academia and industry leaders from across Europe. It is also supported by a large number of organisations, including over 140 academia and health institutes, 40 research institutes, 95 industry and associations and 25 regional and national authorities.

Through a multi-actor and multi-disciplinary approach, the initiative will focus on the development of targeted and specific therapies for diseases that have an impact on society and the patient, the development of new technologies, and preventive and predictive tools.

FET Flagships are one of the most prestigious, highly-funded, strongest and game-changing instruments of EU research. They will involve a total budget of about €1 billion including EU and public and private funding.


For more information and to show your support, please visit the Personalised Health Care Initiative website: